Best Basketball Rim Height for Each Age

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Whether your kid wants to grow up to be the next Lebron James or Sue Bird or you just want your child to develop a bond over basketball, buying your kid a hoop is definitely the first step.

Getting your kid a hoop can be a pretty confusing process if you don’t know much about basketball, which is exactly why I’m here. I’m going to walk you through how to buy the perfect hoop for your child depending on how old he/she is.

Our Favorite Mini Basketball Hoops

There are so many different options that you can choose from when buying a basketball hoop. They can vary based on their materials, rims, nets, colors, etc. So to make the buying process a much smoother one for you, we picked out the best basketball hoops and we’re going to list them out in this next section.

Best Rim Height for 1-3 year-olds (2.5 feet): Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

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This basketball set is perfect for you if you have a 1 to 3-year-old. That’s because it’s made of plastic, and adjusts to six different heights, starting from 2.5 all the way to 4 feet. This basketball hoop comes with an oversized rim and 3 junior size basketballs, making basketball a more fun game with friends or siblings. It’s very easy to put together and it’s also very affordable.

Not to mention, this particular hoop will improve your child’s social and motor skills.

Best Rim Height for 2-4 year-olds (3.5 feet): Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Junior Basketball

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The Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Junior Basketball is great if you have a 2 to 4-year-old. Also, this hoop has its perks. First off, it has 4 different height position, which you can easily adjust with a maximum of 40 inches.

It’s also pretty small so you can fit it in a smaller apartment or backyard. However, it does have its drawbacks: the rim can only expand to 40 inches, and the hoop may tip over easily if you don’t use a sand-filled base. Not to mention, it only comes with one ball.

Best Rim Height for 5 year-olds (4-6 feet): Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Toy Basketball Hoop

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This hoop is perfect for those of you who have 5 year-olds. It’s made of plastic, which makes it really hard to harm your child even if the assembly falls over. It also comes with a breakaway rim which makes dunking an epic experience.

Best Rim Height for 5-7 year-olds (5.5-5.7 feet): Lifetime Youth Basketball

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If you have a 5 to 7-year-old,  this basketball hoop is for you. It’s about 5.5-5.7 feet, and the height is adjustable. It also has a ten-gallon base to provide stability and portability. It’s also backed by a 5-year warranty.

Best Rim for 7 year-olds or older (7.5-10 feet): Lifetime 1221 Pro Court

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If you have a child that is 7 or older, he/she would really love this Lifetime 1221 Pro Court basketball hoop. Mostly because it’s 7.5-10 feet tall and you can adjust it to whatever you like. Also because the blackboard is unbreakable. The base can fill up to 27 gallons and has wheels so you can easily roll it to your desired location.

Best Rim for Any Child: Little Tikes Attach ‘n Play Basketball Set

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What makes this set unique from the others is that it doesn’t have a clunky, sand-filled assembly at the bottom. It just attaches to your door and then you’re done. It adjusts to 3 different heights so it can grow taller as your child grows taller, so it doesn’t really matter how old your child is, they’ll have fun anyway!

What Makes A Good Hoop?

When shopping for your child’s basketball hoop, you have to keep in mind a few things to ensure your child is having the most fun he can have while being safe and protected.


The first and most important thing to look for when you’re buying your child a basketball hoop, especially if they’re toddlers is the safety of the hoop you’re going to buy. That means the materials used as well as the rims and stability.

Naturally, the best option to go for if you have a child is plastic. That’s because if you use a metal or fiberglass hoop, it could do so much more damage to your child or toddler if it ever fell on them.

The second thing to be mindful of for when you’re looking for a safe basketball hoop is a breakaway rim. The safest thing to do is to look for hoops that won’t bend or move when dunked upon.

The third most important thing is to look for a stable basketball hoop. This one applies to older children especially. If you happen to choose a fiberglass or metal basketball hoop and your child dunks on it aggressively it’s very likely to fall over and maybe even hurt your child if you don’t make sure its stable before purchasing it.


Having a portable basketball hoop makes it possible for every family in your neighborhood to share the fun that basketball provides. Not just that, it also makes it very easy for you to pack it up on a trip or store it in your basement.

Durability and Longevity

When it comes to durability, you want to pick out a model that is made of sturdy materials. For example, polycarbonate hoops are known for being very durable and almost impossible to scratch; this can be a very good thing considering you’ll be buying this for a toddler or child.

On the other hand, tempered glass is the most fragile material used for a basketball hoop. Therefore, keep that in mind when you’re selecting one.

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